Links to sources of useful information

This page is for sources of information which could be useful to choir members.
Suggestions for additional items for this page would be welcome!
Rehearsal CDs/downloads

The choir subscribes to John Fletcher’s Rehearsal Files on behalf of our members.
ChoraLine provides CDs & downloads for individual vocal parts played instrumentally – their website is at

They will also give a 10% discount to Brockham choir members – details have been circulated by email to members.

ChordPerfect has real singers singing each voice part for a limited number of main works – particularly useful for works sung in German.  Their website is at

Saffron Choral provides CDs/cassettes with sung vocal parts – their website is at

PartAbility also provides rehearsal CDs for individual parts – their website is at

Notebash provides rehearsal CDs with individual parts played instrumentally, with the other parts in the background – their website is at

LearnChoralMusic provides free Midi files of many popular pieces.  These can be downloaded and converted into CDs, but this requires some technical knowhow. The website is at

CyberBass   This also provides free Midi files, which again can be downloaded and converted to CDs, with the appropriate technical knowledge.  Also a resource centre for scores, rehearsal CDs and performance CDs.  The website is at

Please note that the provision of links to suppliers of rehearsal CDs does not imply that Brockham Choral Society endorses or recommends all or any of these suppliers.

Smartphone apps

If you own a smartphone and don’t have a piano, keyboard or other musical instrument, you can download basic keyboard apps for iphone and android phones – so you can at least pick out a tune! – as follows:

Iphone:  Virtuoso

Android: Musical lite & xPiano (free); Musical Pro (paid for).