Dates for your Diary

       Our Summer and Autumn Concert programmes have had to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Tuesday 1 September:  Annual General Meeting via Zoom, 7.30 pm.  Further details about how this will be conducted will be made available to members before the event

Rehearsal files  For those of you who use John F’s rehearsal files, you can get to the site by clicking here.

Tuesday rehearsals:  Please exit the school quickly at the end of rehearsals on Tuesdays as otherwise it delays the caretaker from locking up.

Rehearsal etiquette:  Please do not chat during the rehearsal.  This distracts all those of us who are trying hard to learn and to listen to the Music Director.  Please also discourage your neighbour if they try to chat to you.  A listening choir is a learning choir.
There‘s plenty of opportunity for conversation before rehearsal and/or during the interval, or after rehearsal at the pub!

Privacy Policy  The choir has adopted a Privacy Policy under the Data Protection Regulation 2018 to protect personal information held about our membership.  To see the policy click here.

Support our Advertisers! We are encouraging advertising in our concert programmes but need to show our advertisers it is a good deal.  Please help the cause by supporting our advertisers – details via this link.


How does it work?
You shop directly with the retailer as you would normally, but you go via the easyfundraising site and use the links to take you to the retailer.  A percentage of whatever you spend comes directly to us at no extra cost to yourself (you can still get all the online discounts and savings you normally would).  You can download a special toolbar which will prompt you everytime you visit a site where a donation to the choir can be made, so you don’t even have to remember to go via the easyfundraising website.

How much can you raise?
Spend £100 with M&S online or Amazon and you raise £2.50 for us. £100 with WH Smith puts £2.00 in our pocket and so on.  There’s over 2,000 retailers on their site, and some of the donations can be as much as 15% of your purchase.  As well as retailers, you can buy broadband, mobile phones, insurance, travel, and lots of other services.

Easyfundraising is FREE to use, and you’ll get access to hundreds of exclusive discounts and voucher codes, so not only will you be helping us, you’ll be saving money yourself.

How to help: Next steps

– Sign up at

– Click on Get the Donation Reminder

– Follow the onscreen instructions to install the reminder.

Notes – the Donation Reminder can be used with both PCs and Apple machines

– the Donation Reminder cannot be installed if you are using Microsoft XP or older and Internet Explorer 8;  the Donation Reminder has been optimised for use with Internet Explorer11.  However the Donation Reminder will work with Microsoft XP and the Firefox internet browser.

– an Easyfundraising app is available on the Apple app store.